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Things to Love About Delaware

It's Fall!

We’ll say it: We’re thankful for Delaware. We may be small, but we’re mighty. Every state has its own perks, but the First State has some pretty amazing things about it. We asked some fellow Delawareans what they love about Delaware, and here are just a few of the things they said!

🍁 Small Town Feel. Delaware lets you live at a slower pace, but still have easy access to the city life. You can let your kids stay out late until the streetlights come on or run around in the corn fields without having to worry too much, but still easily get to several major cities. New York City is only three hours away, Washington D.C. is an hour and a half away, and Philadelphia is about an hour.

🍁 Tax-Free Shopping. Only five states in the U.S. offer tax-free shopping, and Delaware (along with Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon) is one of them. Shop for name brand items down south in Rehoboth Beach at the Tanger Outlets, check out the motorcycles at the Harley Davidson store in Smyrna, or meander your way through Christiana Mall up in northern Delaware all with the peace of mind knowing that what you see on the price tag is what you pay.

🍁 Low Property Taxes. On top of the tax-free shopping, Delaware also has the sixth lowest property tax rate in the country, with an average rate of just 0.57%. There’s also no vehicle property tax!

🍁 Beaches. What’s better? A sunrise on the east coast or a sunset on the west coast? There’s something innately peaceful about being able to drive a quick 20 minutes in the early morning to sit on one of the beaches that line our coast and watch the sun come up. The more popular ones, like Rehoboth Beach and Bethany Beach, host both tons of local and out of state visitors for their boardwalks and beaches, but here’s a list of more Delaware beaches and what you can do while visiting them!

🍁 Farm Freshness. Nearly half of Delaware’s land is used for farming, and that means you’ll have access to fresh produce and local, organic meat all the time. Stop by any one of the many roadside stands on your way home from work to pick up some vegetables for dinner that night. We’ve got garden centers, Christmas tree farms, farmers markets, butchers, and family run stores. Some local favorite farms are Fifers Orchards in Camden Wyoming, Willey Farms in Townsend, and Adams Fruit Market in Greenwood.

🍁 Nature. Delaware has 16 state parks and dozens of county parks scattered across the state, all ranging from ocean parks to urban parks, historic parks, and more. We love seeing all the wildlife here; there are a lot of deer, but it’s still exciting to see a family of deer on the side of the road or in your backyard! Sometimes you can even see a bald eagle flying overhead from one of their several nests in the area. Delaware’s Division of Parks and Recreation recently won the 2021 National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management, so it’s nice to know 1) we’re on the map and 2) our parks are better taken care of! See a list of parks here.

What do you love about Delaware?